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About Bracko

From 1983, when the Bracko family purchased the Oak Shoppe, to present day there have been many changes to the original Oak Shoppe Furniture Store.  The original store name has evolved from the Oak Shoppe to our new name of Bracko Home and so too has the look of our store and the product line up, but the one thing that remains constant is our commitment to offering the best quality and value for the price.  From the original oak tables and chairs, we used to sell we now offer a full product line up of furniture for every room in your house.  Mattresses, leather, and upholstery are available in all colours and sizes and when it comes to wood, we have over 7 types of wood that can be customized and stained in any colour you are looking for. 

Whether you are looking for a modern, current aesthetic or a timeless elegant look we have unique furniture options that will fit in with your décor.  Working with our free in-home design service team you can create a plan and refresh your room all at once or make changes piece by piece as your budget allows.  Creating rooms for memories with quality furniture that lasts is important to us.

As buying patterns are moving to more and more online shopping, we still feel that sitting on your new furniture choices and feeling the fabric, leather and wood that you want to purchase is an important part of the buying process.  Come in and test out the pieces you want to live in your home before you commit to them.