Ask a Designer

As people continue to renovate and refresh their spaces our design team are here to help. With their professional advice and ideas you can feel confident in your decisions about colours or furniture placement in your rooms. We offer complimentary in-home design consultations or are happy to have you come in and meet with us in our showroom where we can go over all the styles and samples and come up with a plan that suits your style.
There are many questions that we get asked that are good information for everyone, so we are starting an Ask our Designers section. Email us with your questions and we will answer as many as we can on our site. Include your name, city, pictures, floor plans and measurements in order for us to answer your questions. Also let us know if we can show your pictures on our website.
Good question, and a common question. If you are hanging one big painting over a sofa it should be eye level to the focal point of the painting. Generally, that is approximately 5’ to the center of the painting. I also like to put my arm on the back of a sofa and make sure I won’t hit the painting, so that is between 3”-5” off the sofa.

This of course depends on the room size. Common sizes are 8’ x 10’ and 9 x 12’. There are always custom sizes available, but the general rule is the carpet should be in front of your sofa and be approximately 6” extra on either side. So if your sofa is 8’ long your carpet needs to be 9’ long. It is best to sit your carpet in front of your sofa. If it is a sofa and chairs, the chairs can sit on the area rug completely. If they sit ½ on and ½ off it will make you chairs tippy. An area rug can be the grounding element in a room. (Excuse the pun!)

A kingsize bed is 6’ 6” wide. Your main wall should be 11’ long at least to allow a night table on either side. If you don’t allow that room on each side whether you use night tables or not the room will definitely look crowded. You should also remember the night tables and dressers or chests cannot overlap one another. The king bed is 86” long so a minimum size room should be 12’ x 12”.
Yes, you can, however there are some very strict rules, so it doesn’t look like you got them at a garage sale. The scale of the sofas must be exactly the same or completely different. Almost the same is a big no-no. The seat height and back height are very important. They should be exactly the same. The 2 styles must complement each other as well. This rule can be broken if you are putting an antique settee in the room. That, you can treat as you would an accent chair. You can mix fabric and leather but if you are doing 2 leathers the same rule applies as above. They must be exactly the same or completely different.