Natuzzi Editions

Natuzzi Editions is a multicultural, cosmopolitan and dynamic brand.

The products reflect the human being in all its “editions”, and continually feeds on the world, its ferments and its emotions. Only in this way, they can find place in all the homes, in different ways.

Natuzzi Editions - Crafted for Humans

No mattter who you are, whatever idea you have of home, there is one place where you can share that idea with anyone you need. The new Natuzzi Editions collection is crafted for humans.

Shopping for living room sofa

The Leale Sofa & Chair

Leale chair by natuzzi

Things we love from Natuzzi Editions


Divano Potenza

Picture of the Natuzzi Sollievo


Bracko Home Furniture & Mattresses in Calgary, AB is an authorized dealer of Natuzzi Editions Products. Year after year, The Natuzzi Group has been recognized for their comfort, design innovation and commitment to partners and consumers. Mr. Pasquale Natuzzi, Chief stylist of the Natuzzi Group, was inducted into the American Furniture Hall of Fame, 2008.