Chairs Recommended for Nursing Moms

World Breastfeeding Week is an annual celebration held in the first week of August from the 1st to the 7th and is supported by WHO, UNICEF and many Ministries of Health globally. The celebration was introduced to bring public awareness to the health benefits of breastfeeding to both the mother and her child.

Why it’s important to have a nursing chair?

Unlike regular chairs, nursing chairs are designed to provide support to the mother’s back, arms, and neck during feeding time. It is important to pick one with comfortable cushioning and padding to allow the mother to sit for extended periods. They also provide a comfortable place for mothers and their babies to share an intimate bond which is important for the baby’s emotional and physical development.

Some expectant families may want to consider a new addition to their home for a comfortable experience for the mother and her baby.

A comfortable chair to sit and nurse in

With a newborn in the house, having a comfortable chair for the mother to breastfeed in will bring her both joy and comfort. A swivel chair is an excellent choice as a nursing chair due to its versatility and ergonomic support. It allows the mother and her baby to swaddle together with a gentle motion, creating a calming environment. The Van Gogh Cuddle Chair is a swivel chair excellent for a smaller space. The back and toss pillow consist of a fiber fill and 6.5” thick foam with a polyester fiber wrap for the seat cushion which makes for a comfortable seat for the mother to cuddle and nestle her baby. There are two fabric color options that would make a great modern addition to the space.

The Décor-Rest Chair 2443 is another swivel chair option with clean lines and a simple silhouette. It has a modern look and can be used as an accent chair. It consists of a 1.9 lb standard seat foam and can be customizable between fabric and leather to meet the parent’s preferences.

As comfort is a top priority for new moms, it is important to find something you can sink into and adjust the seating position to your liking. This is why the Best Kenley Recliner is the great option to consider as it provides a manual recline with the Performa-Weave seating system that is both durable, comfortable and resilient. It also consists of a USB port, making it more user-friendly as the mother will be spending some time nursing her baby.

Extra space to elevate your legs

An ottoman is a furniture piece that is often neglected but it can be of great use for mothers who are breastfeeding. It can help support your legs by boosting blood circulation and combatting swelling, especially when sitting for extended periods.

Picking out an upholstered ottoman over a foot rest or a low stool is best and the Décor Rest 2660 Ottoman is an excellent pick. Not only is there an option to have it upholstered with recycled leather, but it is also firm and soft. It has a unique composition which would add a stylish touch to your space with a semi-attached seat cushion that consists of a fiber blend encased in 100% cotton.

A nearby surface to place necessary items

Some other furniture choices to consider would be end tables to provide mothers access to their things within arm’s reach without having to move around as often. The LH Imports Verona End Table is a modern end table that is designed with clean and simple lines. The marble tabletop gives it a sleek and unique look due to the natural beauty of the stone with a black matte finish at the legs.

However, if a flat surface is not enough storage space, there are end tables that provide a drawer such as the Handstone Tribeca End Table. The simple wooden end table consists of four slanted legs, giving it a unique quality to it. It also has a customizable option for wood stains and hardware, allowing you to add your personality and style to the design.

When designing a space as expectant parents, ensure you prioritize comfort for both the mother and her baby. This will help create an environment that is relaxing for both and focused on the precious bond that they will share.