Do I need a Glider Rocker?

Decisions, decisions…  Your first child is on the way and you are so overwhelmed by every decision.  Who knew how many different stroller options there were, high chairs, bouncers, car seats, the options are endless.  There is also the baby’s room; paint color, cribs, and dressers…  To add to this confusion should you buy a glider rocker for your baby’s room?

Babies like to be rocked and are often soothed by the rocking/gliding motion of the chair.  That alone, makes the glider worth its weight in gold!  The arms of the chair support you while you cuddle and feed your baby and a matching glider ottoman will let you keep your legs up at the same time.  Another option is to pace around the room while trying to bounce the baby although that can become a bit tiring.  The lifetime of the chair is much longer than you would expect and as your child or children grow they will also enjoy the comfort of the glider.  One day you may find them curled up in the chair with their own book!

So you have decided to buy the chair, now what?

Start with the style of your rocker.  It should reflect the decor in your home so if you have modern furnishings and like modern furniture choose a modern rocker.  If traditional furniture is more to your liking there are many options available to go with your other furniture.  Choose your chair with its future in mind.  If it is going to one day live in the family room choose your chair color accordingly.  A nice neutral color can be punched up with a pillow that works with the color scheme in whichever room the chair ends up.  A bright pink chair might be hard to find a home for when you change the color scheme of your child’s room.

Having chosen  the style, make sure the glider you like fits you.  Look for how the  chair supports your back and head and if it encourages good posture when you sit.  Your feet should touch the ground when you are sitting and the armrests should support your arms and any  nursing pillow you might use while you are nursing or cuddling your baby.

Safety issues and features should also be addressed when you are choosing your rocker.  Be sure there are no parts that can trap your child or their fingers.  A chair that locks in place after you are done rocking is going to be a bit easier to get out of especially when you are holding your baby and if the chair comes with side pockets it will make stashing things easy.  With wood rockers if you can get removable cushion covers that can be washed, keeping them clean will be a breeze. The new performance fabrics with all the color options available are a great option and will keep your glider/rocker looking new for a long time.