Keeping an Organized Bedroom with the Right Storage Unit: Dressers or Chests?

bedroom storage unit

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to a clean and organized bedroom to start your day. Staying organized is an essential aspect of the world of interior design to create a harmonious living space. When it comes to decluttering and optimizing your home, storage solutions play a pivotal role. Dressers and chests are some of the many options to pick from but dependent on your needs will help you determine which will work best for your living space.

We’ll look at the difference between dressers and chests as well as the different types to help you decide which will work best for your living space, dependent on your needs. Several items from the Bracko Home site will also be featured.

Horizontal Dresser

A horizontal dresser is the most common type of dresser with two to three long, deep rows of drawers. They usually have six or more pullout drawers, offering ample space for organizing clothes and personal items while serving as a stylish focal point in any room. Despite walk-in closets taking over, having a dresser can be a modern and efficient way to keep your belongings organized and accessible. If you are looking for a modern horizontal dresser, Moe’s Elena Dresser is a great option.

Elena Dresser

Elena Dresser

The Elena Dresser is a modern design about 34” high that sticks to its rustic roots. Its clean lines and rich solid pine finish makes each dresser unique to its own with different woodgrain and knot patterns displayed on each one. The steel legs finish off the sleek and modern look with simple lines holding the dresser up.

Horizontal dresser with Mirror

If you were looking for something more convenient and elegant, a horizontal dresser with an integrated mirror is the epitome of functional luxury. This combination saves you space while enhancing the overall appeal of your bedroom and a clean wall as you avoid having to hang up a mirror. Handstone’s Steel City 6 Drawer Dresser is a suitable option that comes in two different lengths.

steel city dresser

Steel City 6 Drawer Long Dresser & Mirror

If you are looking for a bigger sized dresser, the Steel City 6 Drawer Long Dresser from Handstone would be a good starting point as it comes in two different lengths, a 70 ½”W and a 58 ½”W. Its solid and rectangular shape would make a bold statement to your living space with a built-in matching mirror. Handstone also offers a customizable option for both woods and stains as well as hardware, allowing you to design the product to meet your preferences.

Vertical chest

If you’re aiming to make a bold statement in your room, a vertical chest stands tall as a majestic focal point. They are narrow in style and typically range from 26 to 44 inches in height with a stack of 5-6 drawers in a single column. It’s makes for a perfect addition to your living space with ample storage space while taking up less space length-wise.

Catalina Hiboy

Catalina Hiboy Chest

The Catalina Hiboy Chest is another chest by Handstone, as an example of an elegant vertical storage solution. Its rich wood finish, which is customizable to meet your preferences, makes it unique to your space while providing you with ample storage space. It offers 5 drawers with stainless steel hardware that is also customizable, contrasting the full wood material.

Lingerie chest

Although there are generic vertical height chests, there is also one specific to storing the daintier items in your collection. A lingerie chest offers a charming and space-efficient solution. Its tall and narrow structure is perfect for storing undergarments, accessories, or any delicate possessions.

brooklyn lingerie

Brooklyn Lingerie Chest

Need something that is a space-efficient storage solution for your lingerie, the Brooklyn Lingerie Chest from Handstone is one of our top choices. Featuring it’s sleek lines and minimal design style, it includes 5 different drawers with two smaller ones at the top and three larger ones towards the bottom. If you are looking for a narrower storage unit to sit in your living space, this 50” tall chest would be perfect for your delicate items.

The choice between dressers and chests ultimately depends on your individual preferences and the living space that you are designing. Whether you lean towards the streamlined elegance of horizontal dressers, the lingerie chests or vertical chests, Bracko Home offers an array of options to cater your needs.

The importance of storage solutions in the world of interior design plays a huge role in transforming cluttered spaces in organized sanctuaries. Dressers and chests, with their diverse designs and practical advantages, bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetic appeal.

As you embark on the journey of revamping your living space, remember that the right storage unit can be the key to unlocking a harmonious and stylish home environment. So, go ahead and explore the myriad possibilities offered by dressers and chests, and watch your space evolve into a haven of order with style.