Pet Friendly Sofas

New furniture doesn’t mean new rules- your dogs and cats are welcome to snuggle with you on our sofas and chairs.

Performance Fabrics

When your 4 legged friends like to sit with you, performance fabrics are a great option. They are durable and easy to clean and repel stains and dirt. The fabric is usually tightly woven so it much harder for your cat to scratch and make pulls in it. Odours aren’t as easily trapped in low pile fabric either. There are so many different colours and patterns available in performance fabrics that you are sure to find the perfect one to suit you and your pet!

Leather and Pets

Leather is a great choice if you have pets. It is a very durable, especially if you get a protected, top-grain leather. The protection helps against pet’s claw and the top grain leather is usually thicker so also harder to penetrate. Hair and fur can be vacuumed off easily and most dirt will wipe off with a cloth. Once wiped off, odours don’t usually get trapped in the leather. If you do get a scratch on leather it adds to the character of the piece so you can feel comfortable with your pet by your side.
Sofas We Love
When we go out to shop for leather furniture where do we begin? We hear words like aniline, bonded and nubuck but what do they mean and how do they translate to furniture? The first thing to know is that the highest grade of leather is not necessarily the best option for your needs. Take into account your situation. Do you have pets? Children?