Kingsdown 7000 Mattress

  • 1500 Pocket Coil with AirFlow Surround Foam Encasement for increased sleeping surface, a strongsitting edge and enhanced cooling.
  • Posturized Centre Support with Patented Motion Separation Foam provides increased support and proper alignment of your spine and isolates partner’s movement to provide the best in undisturbed sleep. Quilting
  • Silk & Hollo Fibre which allows for increased airflow and less compaction of the fibres to provide a cooler, restful sleep.
  • 1” Firm BluTek Gel Visco Bumper for additional conforming support and greater pressure relief.
  • 1/2’ Micro Gel which is a high density quilting foam that helps dissipate heat away from the body.
  • Latex Gel that naturally conforms to body contours for optimal orthopedic support with addition of cooling gel.
  • 2” Comfort Foam that reduces pressure points while maintaining a comfort support.
  • Twin 900 Coils, Double 1275 Coils, Queen 1500 Coils, King 1905 Coils.

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