Should I Buy a Sleep Chest or a Sofa Bed?

Picture of a Sleep Chest

Making the Most out the Space in Your Guest Room 

If you’ve got a room in your house that you’d like to do double duty as a family area and a guest room, you’ll want to put your thinking cap on to maximize the space. Installing a traditional bed will take up a lot of room and limit the area’s functionality to primarily being a sleeping space. Still, you remember what it was like sleeping on an old fold out couch at Grandma’s house during vacations in the 80’s, and your back still smarts just thinking about it. But good news looms on the horizon! Today’s sofa beds bear no resemblance to the fold out couches of old. Available in a multitude of styles and colors, manufacturers of today’s sofa beds are turning out high quality comfortable mattresses to ensure the sofa bed you purchase is attractive, functional, and provides your guests with an excellent night’s sleep. Yet sofa beds aren’t the only option on the market today. High quality retailers are now making sleep chests, items that resemble a high-end linen chest, but that fold out to reveal a full size, luxurious bed with its own built in headboard. If you want to maintain high functionality of a room but you want a comfy place for your guests to catch some zzzz’s, should you choose a sofa bed or a sleep chest?

Sleep Chest or Sofa Bed – What’s the Difference?

Sleep chests and sofa beds are both great options to place in a room that needs to be converted into a guest suite when visitors come to stay. If you don’t necessarily want to commit to a full-size bedroom suite which would render the room unusable for other day to day practical uses, a sleep chest or a sofa bed would easily fit the bill!

The biggest decision you will face between the sleep chest and the sofa bed is just how much of the room do you want to commit to a piece of furniture?

The sleep chest, also known as a Murphy Bed, is available in several different finishes and colors. It is ideal for a room where you would like the least amount of space devoted to a piece of furniture. Since a sleep chest is a freestanding unit, you will not need to anchor it to a wall for support. It can be placed anywhere in the room to be folded out into a sturdy, comfortable bed whenever you have an overnight guest needing a place for a good night’s sleep. An incredibly beautiful piece of furniture, sleep chests can serve as an attractive accent piece when not in use as a bed. You can even use it to display items on or as a small shelf.

If you’ve got more room to spare and you wouldn’t mind a piece of furniture that also offers some seating for the family to enjoy, sofa beds are the way to go! Many high quality furniture manufacturers are putting their unique stamp on the design elements of today’s sofa beds but among the most popular on the market today are Palliser Sofa Beds. Available in plush upholsteries and with luxuriously soft mattresses that provide excellent support for sleepers, many families love the comfort and elegance of a piece of furniture that offers them the best of both worlds. With Palliser Sofa Beds, long gone are the days of the ugly, tweed, box-like pull out couch. You can choose from many different styles and upholsteries. Your only limitation is how much room you can afford to spare for your new sofa bed! Best of all, Palliser Sofa Beds are as comfortable to sit on as they are to rest your head against to catch up on your beauty sleep, so whether in use as a sofa or as a bed, you are sure to feel pampered.

Though the main difference between the sleep chest and the sofa bed is the amount of space each will take in a home, both are space savers. Both the sleep chest and the sofa bed also share many more similarities than differences.

Here are a few of the commonalities between these two pieces of furniture:

  • They both are designed to make the most of small spaces.

If you live in an apartment or are looking to furnish a cottage or beach house, you will appreciate furniture that can serve more than one function. The sleep chest and sofa bed offer you more selection with different sized pieces to choose from with something sure to perfectly fit the room you have in mind.

  • They are both comfortable.

While Hide-a-Beds were designed with convenience in mind, both sleep chests and sofa beds have been manufactured with one primary concern foremost in each company’s mind—comfort. You will not sacrifice a good night’s sleep for a functional piece of furniture with the purchase of either a sleep chest or a sofa bed. No more back pain after a weekend visit to your parents’ cottage. In fact, you must might have the best sleep of your life!

  • They are Canadian made.

Canadian made products have become synonymous with high quality. Sleeper chests and sofa beds are made from excellent quality materials that are often sourced locally, so not only are you buying a product you will enjoy for many years to come, you are also investing your money back into the Canadian economy.  

Looking for the perfect piece of furniture for your spare room?

A sleep chest or a sofa bed might be just what the doctor ordered. Head out to your nearest furniture store today and check out some of the great options available. Your next great piece of furniture awaits you!