Things to Know Before Buying a Recliner

buying a recliner

Achieving a comfortable living space is one of the most important aspects when it comes to furnishing a space. A recliner is typically a popular choice and they come in all different kinds from a reclining sofa to a luxurious recliner chair. To ensure you invest in the perfect recliner that caters your needs and lifestyle, there are several essential factors to keep in mind.

Available Space and Dimensions

Before deciding on a particular reclining piece, start off by assessing the available space you are furnishing. Consider the room’s dimensions and layout, to ensure that the recliner you choose will fit in the designated spot. Keep in mind the reclining feature as it needs enough space to fully recline without any obstructions.
Reclining Mechanism and Controls

Reclining furniture comes with different types of mechanisms to adjust the seating position. It is important to understand how these mechanisms work and which better suits your preferences and physical capabilities.

Manual recliners use a lever or push-back mechanism located towards the side of the recliner.

pinecrest recliner

Palliser Pinecrest Recliner: A manual operated recliner.

Power recliners feature electric controls for seamless adjustment by just pressing a button. They are typically located on the side of the chair or through a remote attached to the recliner. Power reclining furniture often offers multiple positions, massage functions, and adjustable headrests, providing personalized comfort.

stonegate recliner

Palliser Stonegate II Recliner: A power operated recliner.

Materials and Durability

The choice of upholstery significantly impacts the aesthetic and durability of your reclining furniture. Leather recliners add a luxurious touch to the space, but they require regular maintenance and are susceptible to scratches and fading. On the other hand, fabric recliners come in a wide variety of colors and textures, are easier to maintain, and may better suit households with pets or kids. Depending on whether you expect heavy use or not, the quality and resistance to wear and tear is important to consider when choosing the upholstery of a recliner.

Buena Vista Recliner

Palliser Buena Vista Recliner

Comfort and Support

Comfort is the primary reason for investing in reclining furniture. When shopping for recliners or sofas, test each piece’s comfort level by sitting or lying down in various positions. Pay attention to the cushioning, lumbar support, and overall ergonomics to ensure it provides your preferred level of comfort. In other words, a good reclining piece should offer adequate support to your back and neck, ensuring a comfortable experience during extended periods of use.

Prodigy Recliner

Palliser Prodigy II Recliner

Style and Aesthetics

Reclining furniture comes in a wide range of styles and designs to suit various interiors. From contemporary and modern to traditional and rustic, there’s a reclining piece to match your aesthetic preferences. Consider how the design of the reclining furniture complements your existing décor and whether it fits your preferred style.

Investing in reclining furniture can bring comfort and relaxation to your living space. By considering the available space, reclining mechanisms, upholstery materials, level of comfort and style of the recliner, you can better make an informed decision that caters to your specific needs and preferences.

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